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kelly and shelly pup

We were fortunate enough to meet our new little girl, Myah, when she was only 1 1/2 weeks old. She is our sixth German Shepherd we have been blessed with. We currently have a 12 year old german shepherd, Macy, and a 2 year old GSD, Hoss. Myah is very smart-she was pretty much housebroken in the first week we brought her home, she has learned basic commands with only being told a couple of times, and tons of puppy energy. She has the most expressive and precious eyes. When she looks up at you your heart melts. I think she already knows how to use it to her advantage!

All of our GSD's have blessed us in their own special way and been a major part of our family and lives but it is so reassuring to buy a new family member from someone who truly knows the breed and cares about the quality of life for the puppy even after they go to their new home.

We definitely would recommend Silverwoods German Shepherds to anyone looking for a new family member! Jan and Harvey are wonderful people who love their dogs and have years of experience with the breed and know the breed. We are looking forward to the years of watching Myah grow and having her in our lives!

Kelly and Shelly

kelly and shelly pup 2


german shepherd puppy with girl

We have the most beautiful, wonderful GSD puppy! Greta is so sweet and loving, non-aggressive and full of energy! Jan and Harvey have done a wonderful job raising and breeding their dogs. She has a very good temperament and is already learning basic commands at 9 weeks old! Jan is so knowledgeable about the breed and you can tell that she just adores her dogs and wants only the very best for them!

Working with Jan and Harvey was wonderful! They allowed us to come and visit the puppies multiple times so that we could watch them grow and see their personalities develop prior to taking her home. I would recommend Silverwood German Shepherds as a breeder to anyone looking for a well tempered, healthy and beautiful dog!

We will keep the pictures coming! :)

Emily and Luke

just cute puppy


Hi Jan,

Silverwood’s Molly Finella passed her CGC test last night so she can join Ms Molly McGuire now. There were seven dogs in our class and 3 did not pass. They are great dogs and will have another opportunity to take the test at no charge. Two of them could not complete the 3 minute down stay where the owner is in another room (3 minutes is a long time). The third dog just could not stay when its’ owner walked to the end of the 15’ lead to do a recall (she just loves her owner so much she doesn’t want to be separated). I wonder if any of the other siblings have done the CGC? As Cheryl, our trainer said this doesn’t mean they are obedience trained, it just means they have good manners with people and other dogs. I just signed us up for another “Proofing” class which will continue to help her and me with obedience training.


Ms Molly Alaska Certificate
Ms Molly Alaska

We are also signed up for “Novice Rally” and “Agility II”. We have two more weeks of Agility I and I never know how Molly will react each time. On April 7th Molly and I take a test called “ORT” Odor Recognition Test. This has to do with our “Nose Work” course. The test will be in a new place so that might throw Molly off some. Molly, of course, won’t know she is taking a test but I will so if we don’t pass it will be my fault, not hers. If we do pass then we will enter a trial in May.

Molly is getting more freedom in the yard and just in the last couple of days she is starting to bring the ball back to me more. She is doing a little better on coming when called but still kind of on how she feels about it at the time. I wish you could see her when we go on our walks lately.

Best regards,

Marian and Molly



Here is a picture of Ms Molly and her owner from Alaska. Molly flies with them to Oregon where they store their motorhome and then she goes on vacations with them. People love her where ever she goes and alot of folks say she is "awesome."

Picture taken February 2013

Ms Molly traveling
Ms Molly 2013 Our Molly is really filling out, weighing 80 pounds. I know she would like to be more active but is so loving and sweet about living with a couple of "oldies .. but goodies."
Hi Jan;

Molly finished her class and passed the Canine Good Citizen class! We are so happy. She was #8 to test and seeing all the other dogs go through helped calm her down, even when she met the new people and dogs. There were two dogs that weren't in the class that took the test so there were 14 dogs in all. 13 of them passed. Molly went through the crowd with wheelchairs, strollers, groups of people talking and moving around without any problems. She did two sits while the people moved around her and she moved through the crowd as well. No problems. It got us off to a good start. I was really concerned about how she would be around strange dogs and letting strangers handle her, especially brushing her and examining her feet, etc.. Everyone was so nice ... even the "meet and greet" went off without a hitch. We are quite relieved. It was an excellent class and we had a wonderful trainer. The assistants were great as well. Now we just have to keep up all we learned in class. I am going to take a breather from classes until the weather improves. It's too hard to count on getting around in freezing temperatures and/or heavy snow.
Ms Molly german shepherd
Ms Molly by window We had the professional trainer come out this afternoon to evaluate Molly. He has been very highly recommended and we are going to get his help with keeping her focus on us. I will be relieved to know that I can take her out on the leash without having her charge another barking dog. No fun being yanked off my feet!!

The weather is supposed to deteriorate with heavy snow starting late tonight. Sure glad that it didn't start this morning and keep us from the test. I've attached a couple of pictures of Molly. One in her favorite position watching the world go by from the window by the front door. The other with her CGC teacher, Dorothy Dormaier, after the test. I'm the short (rotund) on on the left, Dorothy the tall one on the right. Molly wasn't at her most flattering ... she was tired after all the fuss. Ken forgot his glasses so couldn't really see how we looked until we got home and downloaded the pictures.

Love to all and a couple of doggy kisses from Molly M.



We are so excited to show you how much Sanford has grown. We are so proud of him!
Sanford is such a sweetheart.

The island is such a great place for dogs! We have dog parks all along the island and Sanford loves going to them. We don't even have to ask him to get in the van (except when we are leaving the dog park haha). He is so well behaved and it is so fun watching him interact with other dogs.

He appears so well socialized...one of the first times we went to the dog park he was scared by another dog who appeared aggressive. We were very unhappy about the situation, however Sanford showed no fear the next time we went to the dog park.

sanford germanshepherd
sanford german shepherd

We are so proud of his progress. He seems very confident now and is growing beautifully, he is so big and strong. He loves us so much too. I take him with me when I drop off and pick up our son from preschool and he gets so excited to see him when we pick him up. Its so cute. Sanford is such a loved member of our family. He weighs 60 lbs now.

We hope you are doing well! How are Country and Reba? We would love to hear about them! Here are some pictures of Sanford we took this afternoon. The next couple of emails will have more pictures too! Enjoy!

Warm Regards,
the Pinch Family

german shepherd sanford



cruz and family

Cruz (german shepherd on the right.) has been a beautiful addition to our family. He is so smart and so loving. He helped me heal the loss of one of my pets and continues to bond well with the other dogs. Especially Obie. He figures out how to open doors and uses his head (or nose) to open the baby gate. My favorite part of him is his eyes. He tells me so much with those beautiful eyes. He is curious and protective and an absolute joy to have in our lives. He goes nuts when I get home by talking quite excitedly as soon as I get the door open. He loves to sleep on the bed with me until he get too hot and is always the first to greet me when I wake up or else he does the waking. Cruz is an extraordinary dog with so much life. He blesses us on a daily basis with his playful antics. I could not have picked a better family member for our lives. He fills me with joy and love! Thank you Jan and Harvey for allowing us to be apart of the Silverwood family. I am truly blessed and honored!



I bought a female pup (Kyra) from Jan two years ago.  She is the most awesome GSD bitch I have ever owned.  She is very social, loving, sweet, beautiful girl.  I love to take her out, she always get so much attention and loves every minute of it.  People comment on how gorgeous and calm she is. I get asked where I got her and that she is the nicest GSD they have seen in a long time.  Of course I am prejudice I adore her. Kyra is as sweet as they come and a lot of fun.  Jan was very easy to work with and very knowledgable and is still very helpful when I have a question.  It helps she lives in Spokane where my son lives so I can visit her every so often.  I would highly recommend her dogs and as you can see from her pictures they are fabulous and wonderful examples of GSDs.  

Sincerely, Cindy and Kyra

kyra german shepherd

baylor german shepherd dog

Jackson is the son of Ch Silverwood's Alabama

We are checking back with Jan for another pup.  I really would not consider another breeder as Jan breeds for temperament & that was top priority for us. We found & met Jan & Harvey at a show when looking for a GSD.  We found the dog we liked, then asked around till we found the breeder. They invited us back to their vehicle to meet the Sire & Dam of the dog we saw in the ring.  Bama was having a litter out of a bitch in Colville, & we were lucky as I probably would not consider going that way again.  Would want a fully bred Silverwood GSD. 

Jackson is 8 now still handsome as ever, regal even, absolutely no health problems to date.   I have no obedience awards to brag on, but for us he was the BEST boy.  He’s a very ‘typey’ GSD in that he is always alert & watching, ‘checking out the perimeter’ so to speak.  That calm kind of surveillance.  He is a thoughtful dog, was easy to train & has been fine with other dogs. We took him thru all the classes at Diamonds in the Ruff.  I continue to audit behavior & temperament classes (a passion of mine) & I have a close dog friend skilled in those areas.  All the trainers I have come in contact with complement Jackson on his temperament.  Jan gets A+ for breeding skills & I’m coming back to her now considering another pup & willing to wait for a litter out of Cooper or Shania.  Thanks so much Jan!

K Hambrook
Spokane WA

Shortly after getting engaged, we knew we wanted to add to our family after getting married.  Not children, but another dog!  Melissa came into the relationship with a Yorkshire Terrier, who was lonely and definitely needed a friend.  Dan also wanted a dog that he was not embarrassed to take on walks.   After researching various breeds we decided that we wanted to get a German Shepherd, and contacted Silverwood to see if there was a chance we could get one of the puppies in the upcoming litter. 

puppy germanshepherd

Working with Silverwood was an amazing experience. Upon visiting their home we immediately could see that all Jan’s dogs were not only loved, but were of a very strong lineage. When the puppies arrived Jan kept us constantly updated with how they were doing, and let us come and visit the puppies whenever we wanted (which was a lot!).  It was incredible to watch our little pup grow from 4 weeks to the almost 5 month old puppy she is now.  Kadira is incredibly smart, well tempered, and a constant source of entertainment. We could not ask for a better dog, or better breeders.  We would recommend Silverwood dogs to anybody.

Melissa and Dan ( Kadira…and Toby!)

Kadira Update October 2009

kadira 2009 Hi Jan!

I just wanted to let you know that Kadira is doing fabulous and is HUGE.  I attached a couple pictures so that you could see.  She just graduated from puppy class and we get complements on what a beautiful dog she is all the time.  Dan has taught her how to play frisbee and they go to the park everyday to practice.  She's also a total sweetheart and we love having her as part of our family.



crusier gshepherd

Last year I was looking for a GSD and it was 30 years since my last , when I saw the Silverwoods web site I knew this was the look I wanted.Jan was a great help and we talk for 6 months about GSD and when I picked up Cruiser and all the way home he cryed he had just left the best place in the world full of love,and that was the same environment he was about to call home.Cruiser is a very smart puppy he was potty trained and going in and out the dog door at day 2,he has great manners and is very social with other animals and people,and kids-my 5 month old grandson has been licked in the face a few times hahaha.The GSD at Silverwood are great dogs and everyplace we go people comment on how good he looks and very alert of his surroundings. I'm very proud to have cruiser as a new part to our family and friends,Thank you Jan red collar is a good one--


cruiser puppy update

cruiser update 2

These pictures of Cruiser were sent to us in March 2010. Cruiser was just about 1 year old when these pictures were taken.

Prior to our pup even being born, my wife and I visited the LeDoux residence on multiple occasions to learn about GSDs.  Jan was happy to answer our questions and we felt very comfortable knowing that we were getting our pup from an expert GSD breeder.  We were also impressed by Jan and Harvey's GSDs as they were all friendly and well behaved, which gave us even more confidence in choosing them as our breeders.  When the pups were just two weeks old, Jan was happy to invite my wife and I back to her house to introduce us to the pups.  We continued to watch the pups grow leaps and bounds via visits to the LeDoux residence and the wonderful pictures that they post frequently on their website.  Jan handled the puppy selection process professionally and fairly, and in the end it didn't even matter because all the pups had a wonderful personality and were equal physically...this made it very difficult for us to select the pup that we would eventually take home, but I know that we would be happy no matter which pup we received. 

Luna pup gshepherd

Our female GSD draws attention and compliments everywhere we go!  Not only are her markings distinct and beautiful, she also has a wonderful temperment towards adults, children, and other animals alike.  She is obediant and we can tell that she naturally wants to please us, more so than I ever would have expected.  Our pup is quick to pick up tricks and training concepts.  This progress is certainly a testament to the great bloodlines with which Jan and Harvey breed.

We are very happy with our pup, and highly recommend GSDs from Jan and Harvey LeDoux.  Not only did we get a pup from excellent bloodlines, but also valuable advice and knowledge from two GSD experts!

Bryce & Kim


We just got one of Jan’s pups from this spring litter (2009). We have wanted one for about 2 years. We have had 2 other German Shepherds in the past and I must say the time and effort that Jan and Harvey put into their family of dogs was seen right away. So when we finally got on the list for one of the pups we just couldn't wait to see them.

Jan was very good about letting us come and see the puppies from day one and we did so almost every week until we brought Reba home. From the time we first seen the litter to the day we came home with Reba and continually, Jan has been terrific about helping and answering any of our questions.

Reba is almost 3mos old now and has been one of the easiest puppies to house train, very smart. She loves to go with us any place and is very well behaved. Everyone asks if she is 6mos old because of the way she is so laid back around people and about 30lbs now. Reba has quickly become a very important part of our family. We do have another dog, a 7yr old Pug named Penny and they really love playing together.

Anyone looking for a great loyal family German shepherd, give Jan and Harvey a call at Silverwood Kennels.

Thank you,
Marc and Marg

Reba Update (Oct. 2009)

She is growing up very fast, hard to believe she was only 17lbs when we came home with her. She is around 60lbs now, very strong and smart, sometimes too smart.

Marc and Marg

reba germanshepherd

"These are the perfect German Shepherds for us!  Starting with the wonderful breeders Jan & Harvey LeDoux, to the pedigree, temperament, intelligence, and markings of the puppies.  We've had our two pups for 10 days now and could not be happier.  Thank you Jan & Harvey!"
Randy & Simone
Haden Lake, Idaho

two pup update

Puppy Update(October 2009)

The puppies are wonderful - attached is a picture I just took of them. I was thinking about calling you since they were turning 6 months old and we thought we'd bring them by to see you sometime.  Last we weighed them was 9/25, the boy was 68.5 lbs and the girl 52.5 lbs.  We just had her spayed...waiting until 9 months for the boy per your recommendation.  He is wonderful - very wise and methodical acting.  She's more hyper but a beautiful walker on the leash - very fancy prancy.  I get comments on them practically every day on the walk.

Hope everything is well with you and Harvey.

Friedrich 4 months

Friedrich at 4 months.

janet showed us pictures of all her dogs and the conditions in to which they were born and raised. we were very impressed!!! living 6 hours away from her home, we relied on photos of her mother dog and the pups. we really hoped for a girl dog, but others beat us out for one with the birth of 2 girls and 5 boys. but we were so confident in the loving home that these little babies were born into, that we said boy or girl, we don't care, we want one of your pups!!!

we can't be happier with our little dude! he is VERY smart!!! as much as we were concerned with getting a puppy from someone who cared for the well being of their puppies, they shared the same feeling as selling their pups to people who were more interested in a loving family pet or beloved show dog. the kind folks at silverwood's hate puppy mill/kennel owners. as do we!!! they would never sell to them!

janet and harvey are very loving and caring dog owners who do not run a a kennel. they have only ONE litter per year and all the pups are born in the house and treated like family!

we really hope that they come to our side of the state for a dog show sometime so we can bring the baby for a visit with this mommy again! and to see them again. what a great family!!! he is getting so huge! 28 lbs now at 13 weeks! the vet says he will most likely top out around 80 to 100 lbs!!!

anyone who wants german shepherd pup. count yourself lucky if you get a silverwood's baby!!! we sure do!!!

r. and c. mcgowan
bremerton, wa

adult german shepherd

This is an updated photo of Friedrich, 1 year later. My how he has grown.

To anyone looking to add a German Shepherd to their family,you can stop looking. Our puppy, Japhy, was from Silverwood's Country and Sharobi's Freeway's first litter, born in April 2007. It was the first time we had gotten a dog and Jan made the process very enjoyable. My wife and I visited Jan's home every weekend but one before we took Japhy home in June. Jan never hesitated to open her home to us, even when we brought family and friends.


We were able to see all of the time and effort Jan puts into her litters. She really considers her dogs and litters as part of her family. Everyone I brought to see the litter was very impressed with Jan and her puppies.

Japhy is an incredible dog. He was never a hyper puppy and has a wonderful temperament. Japhy is a very friendly dog who loves to play and fetch. All of my family and friends love Japhy and always tell how great of a dog he is. Japhy can become protective or dominant with unknown or aggressive dogs but is always friendly with any guest or friendly dog he meets. The professional trainer we've had working with Japhy has told us how easy Japhy is to work with because of his focus and desire to learn and work. The trainer told us Japhy is one of those great dogs that can learn any type of training. Japhy is one years old now and has truly been a blessing to our family.

I did a lot of research before deciding to get our puppy from Silverwood. Even though Jan is very close to where we live I would have traveled a long way to get a puppy from her. Do yourself and do your family a favor and consider Silverwood's German Shepherds for your next puppy. You won't go wrong.

M. Wiltse



I was lucky enough to get a female from the 2007 litter of Sharobi’s Freeway and Silverwood’s Country.  We named her Wahine and she is now seven months old.  I have had the pleasure of owning four german shepherds during the last 48 years.  Without a doubt, Wahine has been the easiest to train and has the best temperament of all my past GSDs. 

I put in a lot of time researching before buying Wahine.  I wanted a special dog that could go anywhere with me.  Jan was an endless source of information for me.  She never tired of my questions and welcomed my call whenever something new came up.  What impressed me most was her professionalism.  She answered my questions without ever saying anything negative about another kennel’s program.  Health and temperament, these were the qualities of Jan’s program that she talked most about.

Well, seven months later I have a beautiful, well behaved german shepherd who goes everywhere with me.  We never started formal training because she has done so well without it.  She never fails to get compliments whenever we are out.  At this age she is starting to develop her protective traits and has already demonstrated a keen instinct for when to accept a stranger or when to go on guard.

German shepherds have always had a very good awareness of their human’s needs.  However, Jan’s dogs are exceptional.  I woke up with a terrible migraine one morning and decided not to go to work.  I was curled up under the blanket and in a fetal position.  Wahine sensed that something was wrong.  After a while, she started to tap my shoulder with her paw.  I told her to go lie down but she kept tapping my shoulder.  I turned to look at her and she had her stuffed Rottweiler puppy (that she sleeps with) in her mouth which she wanted me to take.  She knew I was not feeling well so she wanted me to have her toy to sleep with.


Lacee came into our family in August, 1999.  My daughter, Abby, was nine years old.  From the beginning Lacee slept at the foot of Abby’s bed.  They took K9 Kindergarten classes in the fall and 4H Obedience and agility in the Spring and Summer.  That first Spring with Lacee, Abby entered the 4H Speech and Demonstration competition for our county; her topic was how to teach your dog to do a puppy pushup.  They won first place in the junior division.  The judges were the first to be ‘very impressed’ with Abby’s relationship with Lacee.

In August, just after Lacee’s first birthday, she competed in her first 4H Fair.  She not only passed her level of obedience but won the overall obedience trophy for that year.  Each summer after that, Lacee has won trophies and rosettes at the county fair.  And Abbie has gained inestimable confidence in her ability to handle a large dog and to read her many moods.

Although Lacee has exhibited protective behavior towards strange adults and other dogs who approached Abby, she has never given me any cause for concern in her play with my children and their friends.  Her temperament as a family dog has been great.

Jan has been a wonderful source of information and support throughout our long relationship.  From giving us hints on how to show Lacee in the Junior Handler’s conformation ring to asking her nationwide list of GSD friends about a particular health question we might have, she has been a the kind of breeder that one hopes for and seldom finds.

Lacee is now 8 years old.  She has climbed to the top of the 4H obedience ladder and has lost interest in agility, so Abbie has retired her from 4H.    Last fall, Lacee earned her Companion Dog title from the AKC (American Kennel Club).  This fall, she made her debut in Rallly-Obedience and earned 2 legs toward her first title in that sport.  Though a little less excitable, Lacee is still in good alhealth and keeps on learning new tricksth and keeps on learning new tricks.


lacee 4h

We have a Silverwood German Shepherd that turned one year old on January 30, 2005. Roxanne of Silverwood is from a Shania - Ch Alabama breeding. We choose Silverwood German Shepherds because of their beautiful dogs and because they said on their web site they breed first and foremost for temperament, then health and finally for conformation. This was very important to us and I can tell you that this is absolutely true about their dogs!

We absolutely adore Roxie! She has such a wonderful temperament, is very loving and so healthy!!! She is also very smart! Everyone we know says what a wonderful girl she is and how beautiful she is. We also have two other female german shepherds; one 4 years old and one 13 years old. Roxie gets along with them superbly. She has been part of the family from the day we brought her home.

Jan is so wonderful - she is the best breeder. She is great! She answered questions, kept us informed and provided helpful hints. When we went to get our pup, it was very obvious how much she loves her dogs and the puppies and what great dogs they were. She let us spend as much time as was needed to select a puppy and when it came time to leave with Roxie, she sent us home with food, treats, toys and even Spokane water so the adjustment to our family would be easier on Roxie and us!!!!! We were very grateful and very impressed. We still feel a part of that family and are so grateful that Roxie has such a great family tree!!!

I highly recommend Jan as a breeder and Silverwood German Shepherds where you can obtain a wonderful, smart, loving, beautiful puppy.

P. Henscik
Friday Harbor, Washington

As a retired US Navy Commander I have lived all around the US and I know there are dog breeders and dog lovers who breed. I can assure you that Jan and Harvey are the latter. I have owned four GSDS and had four litters so I know what to look for. I was looking for temperment, health and socialization of the pups. My wife and I recently located to North Idaho from Southern Calif and knew we wanted a new pup for our new home on 5 acres. I was immediately drawn to Silverwoods web site, first for the beautiful dogs but more important for the emphasis on temperment and health. I immediately contacted Jan several months ago and after a couple of discussions knew her pups were the ones for me.

two best friends

I have been out to see the litter every week since the third week.These pups are so phenomenal that every week my wife and I change our mind. They are that good! A tribute to her emphasis on socializtion and temperment was when we watched her one year old dog Country rolling and playing with the pups and being as gentle as can be. Jan has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I know when we leave her house for the final time we will be leaving with two best friends, the puppy and Jan.

F. Lauro

I am extremely satisfied with the GSD puppy I picked up at Silverwood’s in March. I made my decision to purchase by viewing the dogs on Jan’s site. Shania was the dog I wanted and when I saw that she was having a litter in Dec/Jan I jumped to obtain a pup.    I drove from Denver to Spokane and never looked back. Shelby (the pup) is in perfect health and growing like a weed. Her disposition is amazing and I’m talking to experts as to how to go about possibly showing her. I am writing to recommend Silverwood as a great breeder of quality GSDs.
From a very happy new GSD owner,

M. Thom
Longmont, Colorado


Please always check out the breeder first. Make sure your breeder knows what they are doing. I've had the unfortunate experience of a bad breeder in my past costing me thousands of dollars for a sick GSD that I had already fallen in love with only to have it die at 2-years old with multiple problems that could have been avoided with proper breeding.

   Silverwood is a top of the line excellent facility turning out GSD's that are to be desired. Janet LeDoux stands behind the finest example of GSD's in the nation. Janet is careful to ensure that every litter has excellent temperament, health and socialization from beginning to end. Janet starts with the best and ends with the best. I started communicating with Janet before the litter was born all the way through 10-weeks until my GSD was delivered to Alabama. My puppy's health is excellent, her temperament is excellent ~ totally unsurpassed. At 12-weeks she is already following simple commands in German, English and sign language and has brought great pleasure and joy to our home. She rolls and plays with our 13-year old all day. She is championship show quality.

   Thank you Janet for sharing your excellent line of GSD's with our Alabama home; your love and knowledge of the GSD is what makes each litter so special.

Please see attachment images of my puppy and 13-year old.

B. Simmons,
Pell City Alabama

Hi Jan,                                                                                              
We purchased a GSD through you 3 years ago and I have been meaning to send you pics of our Abigail and update you on her. She is of the litter Alabama/Shania. What an incredible dog. I have been around dogs all my life and I have never had a dog that is as intelligent, beautiful, patient, and all around wonderful as she is. She is very protective of me and the family by placing herself in between us and any perceived threat. But she does this without showing her teeth or having her hair stand up. She goes everywhere with us - from camping to boating, baseball games to football games. Her temperament is incredible. She loves being around people and children. I get compliments on her constantly.
I will do a better job in keeping you updated. Thanks for such a wonderful dog. She is so much a part of our family.

Thank you allowing one of your special pups to grace our life,
S. Richardson