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We are expecting Puppies March 2012!

Currently all puppies are spoken for, please check back for updates and pictures. Thank you for all the wonderful enquiries.

Please check back for more information. Thanks.


March 2011 Litter Information!

Eight(8) German Shepherd puppies,

2 males and 6 females.

Notes on the Silverwood's 2011 German Shepherd litter.

After the success and the the wonderful puppies we received when we bred to Ch Sharobi's Freeway’s we have decided to breed to Sharobi’s Off Shore Racer “Cade”. Cade is structurally beautiful. Cade is an official AKC champion of record! He has a wonderful temperament and has sired other litters of quality.

With the genetics of our Silverwood’s Little bit of Country, sired by our “Alabama”, we are sure to have beautiful puppies with wonderful temperaments. Like all our litters of the past, we are expecting these to be healthy and perfect family companions. I believe Country is the smartest German Shepherd we have ever bred. She is wonderful with children, wants to play with her ball 24/7 and is the ideal German Shepherd to add as a part of a family.

Both Country and Cade are OFA Good and elbow certified.

Please check back often for updates.

If you want more information on this or future litters please email us.


Meet the new families!

The LaFountaines, Washington

lafontaine and puppy

We are so happy with our puppy, Maya. She is beautiful, sweet, healthy, smart, and such a good dog. Working with you was wonderful. Thank you so much for letting us come visit the puppies two weeks ago. We couldn't’t be happier with our decision.

Sincerely, The LaFountaine Family.


jonnie and pup

Jan: She is such a smart and sweet puppy. No potty accidents. She listens and learns really fast. She loves us already and we love her. Thank you so much J Janice

Thought you would like to see how your baby is doing. She and Johnny are already best buds.

Maya Update November 2011

maya gs 2011

Maya is such a sweet dog! I don't think I have ever seen her mad. She still jumps up and play bites, but it is getting better and she is starting to calm down. We love her so much. Thanks for such a wonderful dog :)

Sincerely, The LaFountaines

Maya looks 100% different then the other females I have seen out of our litters. They mostly all look like our Reba. Maya is lighter and more petite like our Allie.

Silverwood German Sbepherds

maya shepherd 2011


Molly, Liberty Lake, WA

Hi Jan;

Molly is really growing up. Her ear finally came up and she looks like a little bat with her big ears. I know she will grow into them but she looks adorable! We had to get her a new collar last week and she has a name tag to match ... pink collar with little pink and white hearts on it and the tag is silver metal with pink background and a single silver heart. Her name and our phone number is engraved on the back. This will do while she is still a puppy but it is a little babyish for a grown dog.
molly german shepherd
molly 2 I registered her for puppy kindergarten Wednesday night. She will start her first class next Wednesday. We are really looking forward to getting a little professional help with her training. She is so smart and can sometimes out-fox us. Actually, she is really a well behaved puppy but she IS a puppy! And I have a lot to learn!!

Molly is sleeping at my feet as I send this message. She is worn out from playing in the backyard.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Liberty Lake, Washington

molly german shepherd puppy

Molly Update December 2011

Molly german shepherd

Molly is growing by leaps and bounds!! She is just a lovely, sweet and wonderful dog. We took her in to weigh her a couple of weeks ago and she weighed 70 pounds. I am sure she has gained a pound or two since then.

We start on part 2 of her Good Companion Dog training in January. I'm looking forward to the classes. Always a good place to visit other dogs and learn new ways to handle Molly. We have been practicing her loose lead walking and some of the other commands. Molly loves to play Frisbee in the park too. A good place to practice "come." She is very good a running to get her treat and a good rub after she sits in front of me. What a fun dog she is!

Love to you and Harvey and all the dogs.



The Mitchells, Washington

mitchell and pup


The Pinchs, Washington

Sanford German shepherd


Sanford in Training.

We have placed this links so that you can see Sanford in training.


Sanford was such a good boy the whole way home. There was almost no whining from him the whole way! We are so impressed with how well he handled the trip! He slept much of the way and is super attached to Jedruik, our son. We stopped at a McDonalds near some grass for Sanford to do his business. Jennifer and Jedruik started to walk away from us to go grab some food and Sanford wanted to follow. He did not like Jedruik being out of his sight. Once Jedruik started walking with us then he was happy and followed wherever Jedruik went. He and Jedruik are going to have a very special bond :)
We could not be more happy with him! He is such a wonderful puppy and we know he will make a great companion for us all! He is very much loved by us and we are glad to say he seems to love us too :)

sanford in car
sanford home

He has been out a few times now exploring his new home and he has learned to use his dog door already too! It was quite simple for him actually; he did not want to be outside any longer so he dove through the door. We spent some time today gradually reintroducing him to a kennel and he seems to be comfortable in it now. We just leave the door open and he will walk right in there to take his nap :). I walked him early this morning to a coffee stand, and a little trip through a trail in the woods and he took to the leash with total ease walking right there by my side. We are headed for another walk here in a bit. As far as potty training, he has had two accidents in the house but is learning to go outside. We have no doubt he will get that hang of that soon, he is super smart! Thank you Jan, so much for our Sanford! You have no idea what a joy he is to have in our family!

Warm Regards

For more pictures of Sanford a personal note from the Pinchs.



The Livingstons, Alaska

livingston alaska


The story of the German Shepherd puppy's journey to Alaska.

We were successful in getting Molly home Tuesday night about 11p.m.

We left Anchorage on Sunday afternoon, overnighted in Seattle and then headed for Spokane Monday morning. We reached Spokane about 3p.m. and greeted Molly and her 3 remaining litter mates. There were originally eight and they have been dwindling as the new owners come and the remaining puppies are aware of this and were hanging very close to one another. Jan and Harvey, the breeders, are really great folks and the litter could not have had better caregivers for the first eight weeks of their life. Country, the mother dog, is just wonderful and plays a lot with them. Jan and Harvey had several other adult German Shepherd dogs and they all greeted us with tails wagging.

alaska puppies


Anyway, we brought a soft sided carrier. We left Molly with Jan and Harvey and went to our hotel for the night. Miserable weather, cold, windy, rainy. The next morning some blue sky and white clouds but still windy and cool. We said our goodbyes and we were on the road to Seattle by 9a.m. Molly sat on my lap and cried the first 75 miles. She would fall asleep, wake up and realize the warm body was not her litter mates and so would cry some more. After our first stop I moved into the rear seat with her because we had to get her accustomed to the kennel before we got on the plane. She was fine as long as I didn't zip it up. We would put her in the kennel and carry her out and she didn't mind that. We made about four stops on the way to Seattle, it was very windy and cool and some rain
When we got to Seattle we went to our hotel. The next morning Bill dropped Molly and myself at the airport and then returned the car. Now the big question, would Molly behave well enough to make it into the cabin of the plane? I held her in the carrier and rocked her like a baby and she was fine so we did good at the ticket counter. I had to take her out of the carrier to go through security and Bill was afraid we would never get her back into it but I think she was quite overwhelmed by then and she just went right back in. We found a quiet area to wait and we unzipped the top and she was able to stick her head out. She just once tried to get out and after that just watched. We had used miles for first class tickets so that gave us more room. alaska german shepherd puppy
alaska german shepherd Fortunately the carrier did fit underneath, between the two of us. The rules read the carrier has to stay under the seat during taxi, take-off and landing so I thought I could hold the carrier on my lap during the flight and rock her if she started crying. The animal cannot have head or tail out of the carrier, they are very strict for good reason I'm sure. Anyway, the flight attendant asked if the carrier would fit under the seat and we had tried it and we said yes. When they shut the door of the plane we put the carrier underneath and she cried maybe for 5 minutes and then for 3 hours and 20 minutes she slept. The noise and rhythm of the airplane and her exhaustion from the day's ordeal just did her in.

Yesterday she was still quite traumatized from leaving her mates, taking a 300 mile road trip and flying for 3 1/2 hours

Today Molly seems to be feeling more comfortable and familiar here. Our backyard is really wet and messy yet but hopefully we will be able to get out there soon and get things cleaned up. As you can imagine, everything goes into her mouth.

The Livingstons

puppy home
ms molly gs dog Ms Molly comes nose to nose with McKinley, a friend's dog. She is 11 years old and still managed to romp with the pup!

Update for Ms Molly Alaska

Molly is growing like crazy! We have been out working in the yard quite a bit and she just loves to help.

Molly alaska german shepherd
molly german shepherd

Ms Molly update October 2011

Jan, Again it has been too long since I’ve been in touch but it just is hard to keep up. As you see, Molly is looking like an adult now but don’t let her fool you, she still has that puppy mentally. She is quite the character and we have been enjoying her more and more.



Molly has been through Puppy 1,2 and now is in a “Proofing” class and I think we will do “Proofing” again but with another instructor just to keep her going. She really is an excellent student but the class is from 6:30 to 7:30 and evening time is her time to veg out so she gets quite verbal at the end of the class telling me it is time to go home. Molly is also in “Nose Work 1”. This is just a really fun class where she uses her nose to sniff out treats but eventually she will be sniffing out birch oil.

The Livingstons

molly standing
Molly Alaska Snow

Miss Molly is pictured in a valley of snow, which just happens to be in her own back yard. Alaska got records snow accumulation in the 2011-2012 season.


The Perkins-Muses, Washington

perkins-muse puppy


The Greens, Washington

greene and pup

Silverwoods German Shepherd's is a wonderful place to get your family GSD!
Jan was so wonderful to work with and made the process so easy and stress
free right from the start. We purchased Zeus as our first family dog from Jan, from the 2011 litter of Country and Cade.

Zeus is only 8 weeks old and is already adjusting wonderfully to our family, this just goes to show the time and love Jan puts into these animals.

She was so helpful with our many questions on what is suitable for the puppy to eat, where to go for vet treatments, and even suggestions of local puppy training classes. Jan even provided weekly updates on how the puppies were all doing as well as individual reports on how our puppy was doing and how he was progressing.

We were able to see the where our puppy grew up and meet Country "mommy". The temperament of Country was outstanding. So nice and friendly. We have a 2 year and a 4 year old and there were no concerns at all as we were introduced to "mommy" and all her puppies.

Jan provided us with a "puppy packet' that included the genealogy of our Zeus, as well as many helpful articles, different things she recommends for the puppies, as well as walking us through the whole registering process.

In only 5 short days of having our puppy we can already tell that he is going to not only be a smart and well behaved dog, he is going to be an even better addition to our family.

We are so thankful that we found Jan and Silverwoods German Shepherd's. We can not imagine how this process could have been easier and more stress-free.

We will always recommend any family we meet that is looking for a wonderful family dog to Silverwoods German Shepherd's!

Thank you Jan for all your help and the love you put into your dogs! It truly shows.

Seven Weeks

one pup
girl with pups
girl boy puppies slepping puppies
The vet really enjoyed these pups. They are all very healthy and have had their shots. The weather here in Spokane finally got "nice" and pups are having a good time outside. We have mowed the lawn and used a leaf blower and it doesn't seem to bothers them. They have had lots of visitors. I only have them for two more weeks and then they are off to their new homes and families. I try not to think about it too much.


Five Weeks

Grand daughter and puppies


6 weeks puppies puppies german shepherd
German Shepherds Puppies
Oh my, just three more weeks with these puppies. They have all grown up sooo much. These pups just love being loved. They do give a lot of love back. I am sure that these puppies, like all of our puppies, will fit into any loving home. A trip to the vet is in their near future for shots and exams.


Four Weeks Old

pups 4 weeks german shepherd puppy
4 wk old puppy puppies 4 wks
Four weeks, where has the time gone? These German Shepherds pups are quite the rompers! They play hard and sleep hard. I really love the pups at this age I can see changes in them on a daily basis. I get sad thinking that in four more weeks they will be starting their new life with their new family.


Two Weeks Old

2 week old puppies german shepherd puppies
spokane puppies german shepherd litter
They have all gained at least a pound or more. The pups are up on their feet running about and attacking each other, growling and playing. All their eyes are open. They are quickly becoming puppies with their own individual personalities. What fun!


One week old.

pups one week german pups one wk
puppies The puppies are doing great! They have all put on an average of six ounces each. Country is also doing great. We do our best to make sure she gets enough to eat. She's eating for nine!


Two days old.

german shep pups 1 2day old puppies
geman shepherd puppies shepherd 2day old
These are our first posted pictures, taken at just 2 days old. There are a total of 8, 2 males and 6 females. They are very, very healthy. Jan has been sleeping with the new puppies.






Country GSD Cade GSD


Ch Sharobi's Off Shore Racer "CADE" Pedigree:

Ch Sharobi's Freeway

Canadian FV
Can Ch Woodside's Kennedy Echolane ROMC OFA H/E
Elm Grove's Casey's at the Bat OFA H/E
Echolane's Jenna v Woodside OFA H/E
Staffelstein's Keno Sharobi ROM  OFA H/E
Ch Sharlen's Hot Copy
Staffelstein's Wild Fire  Pre-limb Good

 Sharob's Harley's
Electric Glid

AOE Am/Can Sel Ch. Elvastons Southern Byrne HSAs OFA
AOE GV Ch MarHaven's Color Guard PT ROM OFA
Elvaston's Sparkler  OFA
Staffelstein's Keno Sharobi ROM  OFA H/E
Ch Sharlen's Hot Copy  ROM OFA H/E
Staffelstein's Wild Fire  Pre-limb Good


Silverwood's Little Bit of Country Pedigree:

Ch Silverwood’s Alabama OFA E/L 


Ch Rhinestone Cowboy II OFA E/L
Ch Hidden Forest’s Bo Derek OFA E/L
Aladdin’s Daytona
Woodacre’s Rio Café
Ch Hidden Forest’s Ringmaster (Best in Show)
Silverwood’s CJ of Hidden Forest

ShadowValley’s Silverwood’s Shania OFA  12 AKCpt out 2 maj res


AKC/UKC/CKC CH Baa Baa Black Sheep of Edan, OFA

Detmer-Covy-Tucker Alabama, OFA
CH.Bravo Von Bleibtreu OFA ROM
Ch. Notforlovenormoneyof Edan OFA ROM
Dealers Choice, OFA  E/L
Covy-Tucker Hill Storm Dancer, OFA



Are you thinking to getting a puppy?

Whether you are thinking of getting your next puppy from us or just thinking of getting a puppy, please take time to investigate what it means to "take on" a puppy. We have added this link to a site that has videos and information on the the whole "puppy process".

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